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Meaning of the word NO

Now, for once I'll write something in English because I find everyone should be aware of the following.

To all of you out there who don't know the meaning of the word 'no', please pay attention!
Even though no is a very simple and short word, it makes me sad that a lot of people (especially guys) do not know what the word no actually means.
So for once and for all, I'll try to explain the meaning of the word no. Because no maybe little, but its meaning is not! Maybe no is even the most important word in the whole wide world.

We'll start easily.
No is a two letter word.
First we'll write the N down and after that we write the O to its right.
Feel free to take a piece of paper and a pen and try it yourself.
Okay, so two letters, can't be more simple.
Yep, that's what you think.
And that's what I thought too!
But as mentioned above, some people find it extremely hard getting to know what the meaning of the NO-word is.
Okay, so here we go, no, is a word which will be used most of the time if a person doesn't want to do something. This can be anything from getting groceries in the store to some sort of sexual activities.

So guys, I'll tell you this, women can be really nice, you all know that. Most of the time it's no problem at all to have a bit of a conversation with a nice lady. But even though a woman talks to you, it doesn't necessarily have to mean that she's interested in dancing with you, or maybe even in having sex with you.
Okay, let me say that again:
Even though a woman talks to you, it doesn't necessarily have to mean that she's interested in dancing with you, or maybe even in having sex with you.
You all got that?
So at that point it can actually happen that a woman will use the word NO.
No, she doesn't want to dance with you or no she doesn't want to have sex with you or no etc etc etc...
Okay, that can happen to anyone, and its no big deal, because she is just telling you that she doesn't want something, she is not telling you that you're a fucking asshole or anything of that kind.
No and Asshole are two different words.
Believe me, if a woman thinks you are in fact an asshole, you will find out immediately.

So back to where we were: She just said the word no to you. Now, if you wouldn't pay any attention to this, and just pretend like you've got shit in your ears, then you shouldn't be surprised if the woman gets mad with you, and tells you that you actually are a fucking asshole or what so ever and doesn't want to talk to you EVER AGAIN! May that be clear!
So if that may happen, basically what you just did, is ruined it all for yourself. And you won't get a second chance! And if at this point, you still won't listen, that I've only one advice for you:
Be careful with the balls...

Alright now, for all the people who are still not convinced, the following is what the dictionary has to say about the wonderful word NO:

1. indicating negative response: indicates a negative response, used to refuse, deny, or disagree with something

2. acknowledging negative statement: used to express acceptance or understanding of a negative statement made by somebody else
Geplaatst door SannQ op 02-04-2008
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